Ironpride Alaskan Malamutes

Canadian Kennel Club

Our Policies and Procedures

Purchasing a Puppy

APPROVAL:  We like to try and get to know each of our potential families before we approve your home for a puppy.  You can always call us at 519-678-3949 or email to let us know you are interested in a puppy and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Preference is always given to people with a family home where the puppy will be well socialized and given lots of attention and love. 

PRICING:  Please contact us for current prices on any of our litters.

DEPOSITS:  Once you are approved for a puppy from us, you may place a deposit to reserve a spot on our waiting list.  We do not reserve spots for anyone without a paid deposit, as this can make it difficult for us to genuinely know how many families we have waiting.  After puppies are born, we must evaluate the litter at 7 weeks of age before being able to determine which puppy would be suitable for your home.  Deposits are non-refundable.  If we don't have a suitable puppy for you, or you decline to take a puppy from that litter for any reason, your deposit will be moved to our next available litter.  Should you decide not to take your puppy from us for any reason once you have already confirmed you will be taking a puppy from our current litter, your deposit is lost and will not be returned.

VISITING:  We do not allow visitors to see the puppies prior to their vaccines.  Their immune systems are not strong enough to fight off any disease or infections prior to this time, and their safety and well being is our top priority.  We also do not allow visitors while we have pregnant girls on the property for the same reasons.  We try to keep their environment calm and quiet during this important time.  We hope you understand.  We would welcome anyone interested in our dogs to contact us for our show schedule, and come to a show to meet us and the dogs we have there.

SPAY/NEUTER:  All of our pups are sold on non-breeding, spay/neuter agreements.  You are required to sign a contract to that affect.  You will receive your puppies papers once we have received conformation of your spay/neuter from you vet.

BREEDING RIGHTS:  Breeding rights are available to select experienced breeding kennels who breed Alaskan Malamutes registered with their counties' official Kennel Club.  We do not sell breeding rights to pet homes or those with unregistered dogs.

SELECTING PUPPIES:  Colour, gender and personal preferences are all taken into account, however ultimately matching the right temperament and personality to the individual home is most important.  All puppies are cute, and making sure you are getting a puppy that will be suitable to your lifestyle and family is crucial - we want everyone to be happy.

PUPPY PICK UP:  We allow our puppies to go home around 8 weeks of age once they have been vaccinated and health checked by our veterinarian.  Once you pay the balance on your puppy, if you change your mind or are unable to take the puppy for any reason, your balance is lost and also will not be returned.  If you are unable to pick up your puppy by 8 weeks of age, we will hold your puppy for you (pending our availability), however we do charge a boarding fee starting the day after 8 weeks of age.  Puppies require a lot of extra care when they reach this point, not to mention the training we start them on such as basic obedience, leash training and potty training.  The boarding fee is $45 per day for puppies up to 10 weeks of age and includes your pups' food.  If you cannot pick up your puppy and need him/her to stay with us after the pick up day and time, be sure to contact us right away so we can make arrangements to be available for your pup.

RETURN/RE-HOME POLICY:  In the case that you can no longer care for your dog for any reason, he/she will be returned to us for rehoming.  We will up date any shots, spay/neuter, deworm, flea treat if necessary, and temperament test all dogs before placing them in a home.  We do require the registration papers for each dog to be returned along with the dog and signed over to us so that the new owner may obtain registration with the CKC.  Vet records are always great and any personal effects to make your dog's transition that much easier.  We do not require a formal document stating you are turning over the dogs; a verbal statement saying you can no longer keep them and you are returning them will relinquish all of your rights to your dog.  Once the dog is back in our care, it then becomes the property of Ironpride's Alaskan Malamutes.  No refunds are given regardless the age of the puppy or circumstance.

We reserve the right to deny/decline any person for any reason.

Your puppy will not be held without a deposit.

All payments are non-refundable once paid.