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Please find below some reference letters and emails from past puppy families.

More references available upon request - there's just not enough room to post them all!

Tammy & Family - Proud Owner’s of “Nanook”

In the spring of 2017, we decided it was time to bring a puppy to our family.  We had discussed this for some time and contacted breeders but it was never right.  Then we contacted Ironpride and we told they had a 1 girl available, Stephanie sent us the picture and after asking many questions we knew she had to be our girl.  Over the few weeks prior to having Nanook join our family I emailed Stephanie regularly asking question after question, she was always ready to answer and provide support.  I will never forget the day we picked up Nanook. Immediately we knew she was perfect for our family.  She has been a great support for my boys, aged 10 and 11, given them that friend that every child needs.  She is certainly a spoiled girl and perfect in every way.  She has a personality that will make every day better, she loves to cuddle, talk to us and play.  My husband often tells her, you are the most beautiful girl and such a good girl.  We are so happy with Nanook and proud to have an Ironpride Malamute!  Stephanie continues to be there for us to answer questions or share her excitement over my Nanook stories and pictures.  Nanook is almost 3 years old and is a remarkable dog.  One day I hope to have another Ironpride malamute. We love our Nanook more than words can describe!  Everyone that meets Nanook has a special place in their heart for her, she is truly a special girlie!  

Emilly and Corey - Proud Owner's of "Moose"

We came to Stephanie at Iron Pride Alaskan Malamutes after an exhaustive search for a reputable Malamute breeder relatively close to home. After visiting the kennels, we were certain we had found the right place, and paid a deposit for a puppy before he was even conceived! Finally, we got the exciting news that our litter was born and just an anxious eight weeks was left. Our "Moose" is almost six months old now, and we couldn't have imagined a better pup! He is very happy and healthy, and has such a characteristic personality, we are so proud to have him as a companion. As the adorable puppy features slowly fade, he is becoming a stunningly handsome boy. He makes us laugh and keeps us active, and watching him grow and learn is truly an enriching experience. From the day we showed interest in welcoming a new Mal into our lives, Stephanie has been a great resource of information and support. The care and dedication she has for these special animals is evident in each of them - we are so lucky to have found her.

Thank you!!!
Emilly, Corey and Moose

Kyle - Proud Owner of "Todd"


Ever since I was very young I always dreamed about having a malamute of my own and because of Stephanie and iron pride a legitimate dream of mine has come true. Todd is an amazing dog and companion! not only are the compliments nonstop about how handsome he is but he has the most gentle temperament and such a big personality! Having emailed many breeders in my pursuit of obtaining a malamute I can say that no breeder I contacted was as friendly and responsive as Stephanie was. Being 21 I got many responses from breeders attempting to coax me out of getting one due to the inherit malamute risks, Stephanie instead of trying to intimidate away people, takes every potential owner of one of her babies and takes time getting to know that they will be going to a loving home and eases you in to the world of malamute life! The back and forth emails with Stephanie right from my initial email asking if I could be considered for a puppy all the way to the latest one about Todd have been nothing but pleasant with a clear desire to help you along the way. I would recommend Stephanie and her malamutes to anyone looking for one!

Janice and James - Proud Owner's of "Nikki"


It has been almost 3 years now since we welcomed Nikki into our home.  When I had to put my Marley girl down it was devastating to our family, including Tacomas brother Kodi. Not only were we mourning but so was Kodi, he was behaving badly and started messing in our house. After speaking with Sue (Kodi's breeder) she urged me to get in contact with StephanieWhen she had told me she had a puppy who was a surrender we were a little hesitant as to the dogs behaviour and habits and most of all would Kodi accept her. We also worried it was to soon after Marley. Stephanie invited us to the house, so we drove over 2 hours to meet the puppy. We ended up adopting Nikki.  Nikki cried while we drove away from Stephanie's home which broke my heart, but I knew this would be her forever home and if for some reason it wasn't we knew we could bring her back. Needless to say here we are now - totally in love with her.   She is a beautiful girl and of the the most loving nature. I do believe she has many traits of my Marley which fills my heart with knowing this was a good decision.  Kodi and her are the same age and they are both alphas which means there is never a dull moment in our home. She has been such a welcome addition to our home and is best buddy to our Kodi. So very glad Stephanie thought of us and gave us the opportunity to bring Nikki into our home. We will be forever grateful to her for giving us such a beautiful girl.

Much love goes out to you, Stephanie.

Janice, James, Robert, Aaron and Kodi!

Mallory and Kevin - Proud Owner's of "Mia"

 As proud owners of Mia our Alaskan Malamute from Stephanie Wilkins of Iron Pride Malamutes, myself and partner are very lucky. Kevin has wanted an Alaskan Malamute since he was a child, in the last two years we started looking to find a breeder. After quite a search we finally found Iron Pride.

Although we live Provinces apart; Stephanie made purchasing our puppy very easy. We were not able to fly up to visit the puppies, so Stephanie would send us pictures every week to keep us updated. She also scheduled a flight for Mia to come to her new home.

Mia is now almost 9 months old and we couldn?t be happier. She has a wonderful temperament and is a beautiful dog.

I would recommend Iron Pride for anyone looking to purchase an Alaskan Malamute.

Sonia & Chris - Proud Owner's of "Tanu"

Hello Stephanie!
        I would like to take the time to simply Thank you and Roger for everything you have done for us. After searching for the ' best breeder' I can honestly say Iron Pride Alaskan Malamutes is it. From the very beginning of our first meeting to even after picking up the puppy, you have been more than helpful and very knowledgeable. Your expertise shines through. It is very plain to see that you have a great love in breeding these beautiful dogs. So many breeders are simply in it for the money, however this is so not the case for Iron Pride. I believe that the fact that you care where your dogs are going and how they will be kept for is your No. # 1 concern. The steps in which you take to assure this is wonderful. So many dogs, regardless of their breed are often mistreated once they are picked up and the breeder simply does not care. I especially love the fact that you have a great interest in after the dog is in it's new home. You want to see pictures and receive phone calls. Your enthusiasm in your voice says it all. I think you even have a hard time saying goodbye to your puppies, and to me that shows how big your heart is.
     I would like to add that, the dogs you have to breed are some of the most gorgeous dogs we have ever seen. You know the the bloodlines and who works well with who. Our Tanu is just wonderful, and at 9 weeks of age is showing intelligence that I have never experience in another dog. Regardless of whether it was mine or someone else's dog.
    After the death of our beautiful Pugy, our household became very sad. Not to mention that her sister, Siwok, was very lonely. Since Tanu has been here, life has been sparked back into Siwok. So I urge anyone who has lost a beloved pet to go and get another one. If your choice happens to be a malamute, please go to Iron Pride Alaskan Malamutes. You will not be disappointed, rather you will be very impressed with Stephanie and how she runs her business. The sheer magnitude of her love for doing what she does will definitely impress anyone. Once again, Thank you Iron Pride for everything you have done for us!
 Sonia and Chris...........also.....Tanu and Siwok!

Jennifer and Charles - Proud Owner's of "Sisu" and "Lumi"

For our family choosing the perfect dog was an exciting experience. We knew what we wanted and we were ready and willing to go as far as we needed to ensure the perfect fit.
For us it was much more then ‘just a dog”, it was an important addition to our family. In October 2009 we got our first Usko a Siberian husky. We knew our second would have to be an Alaskan Malamute.
We found a few local breeders however things just seemed off. The dogs didn’t meet our requirements. I then began my web research and emailed several breeders. Just by most of the responses I was turned off. Until I came upon Iron Pride.
Stephanie was incredible to deal with from start to finish. Regular updates, emails and then pictures when the pups were born. All very exciting to live the experience even if we were so very far away.
We travelled 11 hours to get our precious bundle of mahogany fur Sisu and 11 hours back home with him cradled in my arms.  Another trip was in order just a few months later to get our baby girl Lumi. At the same time a close friend of ours got her first Malamute.
Sisu is the most gentle giant. A simply magnificent looking dog. Everywhere we go people stop to ask questions. Our vet has never seen such an impressive looking Malamute. Once people meet Sisu and Lumi they understand why we would drive so far to get a dog. They are both remarkable dogs, independent & affectionate at the same time. They are also very quiet. Never ever do we hear them bark, our neighbors love that about them as well.
We walk and run with them daily, as they say a tired dog is a happy dog. For us that’s times 3, yes we have our own pack. We couldn’t be happier. As Stephanie explained we now have MMS. (multiple malamute syndrome).
Maybe one day we will add a 4th, if we do there is no doubt in our minds that it would come from Iron Pride.

The Blacker Family - Proud Owner's of "Koda"

After losing our family dog (a chocolate lab) in late June we felt empty and lost and knew we had to bring home another bundle of fur to complete our lives again. We have always been a fan of the larger breeds of dogs and after many conversations back and forth with Stephanie from Iron Pride my family and I had decided to take the plunge and bring home an Alaskan Malamute. The only problem was we had to wait 6 weeks before bringing home our new addition to the family, we thought the next 6 weeks would take FOREVER however with Stephanie emailing us pictures on a weekly basis we found ourselves becoming attached and falling in love before we even met our new malamute. Stephanie kept us updated for the next 6 weeks not only with pictures but updates on their vet visits and every step of their progress.

FINALLY, the day came and my family and I packed into our truck for the 3 hour drive to pick up our puppy. The entire drive we were nervous as we already had 1 other dog and 1 cat at home and we were terrified of how our current pets would react to a little “terror” coming into their home and turning their worlds into complete chaos. Once we arrived at Iron Pride we were warmly welcomed by Stephanie, her lovely partner Roger and Tacoma and Peanut. The moment we saw Iron Pride all our worries disappeared!!! All of Stephanie’s malamutes have amazing temperaments and were beautiful in every possible way. Then it happened...we were united with our amazing and handsome malamute (KODA). We thought we knew what he would look like as we had seen numerous pictures of him leading up to picking him up but he was beyond our expectations!! Stephanie was so helpful, informative and supportive when sharing with us her extensive knowledge on this amazing breed. She definitely put us at ease and made us very comfortable with asking any questions we had. When we arrived home Koda settled in almost instantaneously and him and our female dogs automatically became friends (unfortunately we couldn’t say the same for our cat as she was in total disbelief and couldn’t understand why he wanted to constantly lick her).

Koda is now 6 months old, he weighs 65lbs and is the total package. He is affectionate, active, social, well mannered and very friendly (him and the cat are even best of friends now).  We still get emails from Stephanie to this day as she wants to follow up and see how her “grand pups” are doing, it is so reassuring to know that Stephanie and Roger and their malamutes will always be a part of our lives. When out on the trails with Koda we have dozens of people stopping us to admire how beautiful he is and we couldn’t be happier or prouder.

We cannot say enough good things about Stephanie and Iron Pride, we would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to add a new addition to their family as you can tell she puts her heart and soul into her malamutes. We cannot wait for our next Malamute!!

The Blacker Family

Cambridge, ON

Katrina - Proud Owner's of Grimm


Hi Stephanie,

Words cannot describe how happy Kyle and I are with Grimm. His temperament is so graceful. I know that contacting you was the best thing that we have ever done, you were able to complete our family, after everything that we have been through only a true malamute Guru would know how to help. You definitely know your stuff. My human and furry family are grateful for all of the advice you and Roger have given us.


  Thank you so much,

      Kat & Kyle and of course Grimm   

Karen - Proud Owner of "Jack" 

Hi Stephanie, 

Thanks so much for Jack’s papers………hope you guys are well!! Just thought I would send you some long overdue pics……took them yesterday! My personal favourite is 120…….he is always smiling. Jack is doing great…..he has grown into quite the bear! He is eating well….having a blast on the farm. Everyone comments on how well behaved he is…….and of course handsome!!

We are in obedience classes where he is exceedingly becoming the instructors muse. He will do ANYTHING for food. We had an exercise where you had to have your dog look at you amid distractions. There were whistles blowing, dogs barking…toys being dropped in front of the dog etc. My Jack didn’t budge or blink LOL…he knew there was a little hotdog piece in my hand and he was determined to not lose focus! His heeling is quite amazing and his long sit and down also quite impressive. I’m hoping we’ll get our CD title before too long.

Thanks for breeding such great quality dogs…he has been such a joy. I really can’t imagine being without him…….he’s very loved.  Keep in touch. 

Warmest Regards,  Karen

Laura and Family - Proud Owner's of "Atlas"

My family and I had been interested in adding an Alaskan Malamute to our family for quite some time.After doing a TON of online research, I contacted Stephanie at Ironpride. I was informed on all aspects of the breed,what my responsibilities to my new addition would be and was constantly given updates and photos of my newest family member.

Upon picking my beautiful girl up,I was given a wealth of information and support. The love for the dogs is apparent as soon as you meet Stephanie,and that does not change once the puppies leave to their new homes! I have contacted Stephanie when I am unsure of how to deal with certain issues and have received her help and advice immediately. My puppy has fit right in,and her beauty if always remarked on.

I will be adding another Malamute to my family,and that dog will not be coming from anyone but Stephanie and Iron pride Alaskan Malamutes. Thank you Stephanie and Roger for such a beautiful animal that has become such an asset to our lives.

Laura and family

Caitlin and Jarred - Proud Owner's of "Yukon"

Our experience with Iron Pride's Alaskan Malamutes has been nothing but positive and rewarding. Stephanie was excellent at answering any and all questions about the breed and selecting the perfect puppy. We could not be happier with our puppy and cannot wait to add another one to the family. Yukon is a beautiful, happy and healthy dog and it is thanks to Stephanie and her breeding program that we have her!

Bob and Patti - Proud Owner's of "Eddie"

As a proud owner of a magnificent specimen of the Malamute breed received from Stephanie Wilkins of Iron Pride Malamutes myself and my family feel very priviledged.  After the loss of our 14 year old Malamute Timber, our family was devastated. He was a true friend and companion and is missed greatly to this day. We began our journey into the world of searching for another Malamute to join our family.  The internet is a wonderful tool but can sometimes be overwhelming. After contacting several breeders from the United States, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario and not feeling comfortable or satisfied with any of their procedures we stumbled upon an add on the Web site Kijiji. The picture of this beautiful grey and white malamute puppy for sale. With aprehension and a great deal of doubt we decided to respond to this add, thus the journey into the world of dealing with Stephanie Wilkins and Iron Pride Malamute began.  From the first response by email to the first telephone conversation I realized I was dealing with a true lover of the Malamute breed. Stephanie and her partner Roger were awesome. Their caring, compassion and thouroughness were amazing. Once the deal to purchase our dog "Eddie" was made Stephanie became like family. She was trusting my family and I with task and duty of raising one of her magnificent animals. Her thouroghness and questioning of our experience with Malamutes, our home and physical location and discussion around why we wanted one of her Mals was amazilngly professional.  The information, guidance and support she provided to us in this process was invaluable. her knowledge and experience guided us on every step of the process to get "Eddie" to our home in Northwestern Ontario.  When "Eeddie " was shipped from London Ontario by air he arrived in Thunder Bay safe and sound. A little ball of fur and energy obviously greatly cared for as you could tell by the condition of he and his shipping quarters. The agent at the airport commented on how well he was taken care of and shipped. he stated he had seen many horror storries and was extremely impressed by the professional and compassionate care that went into shipping "Eddie".  From the time I first spoke to Stephanie to today our relationship with Iron Pride Malamutes has been amazing. Our family considers Stephanie and Roger as part of our extended family. We are in contact frequently, updating her on "Eddie's" status and assuring her that he is being well taken care of.  As I stated earlier he is a magnificent animal and a true enjoyment to our family. We still miss our friend "Timber" but Eddie and our family have began a new journey filled with love, learning and enjoyment.
Thank you Stephanie and Roger and "Iron Pride Malamutes"

Jane and Jeff - Proud Owner's of "Blizzard"

We couldn’t have been more please with our experience in acquiring our new Malamute pup from Stephanie Wilkins at Iron Pride Malamutes.  Stephanie spent about an hour on the phone discussing the breed and ascertaining our back ground prior to us agreeing to process to the next step. From her perspective she wanted assurance that her pups were going to a good home, ensuring the dog would be brought up well. As the purchaser, I was impressed with the knowledge and the caring she did take in screening me as a potential buyer.  Once we met, and we saw our pup (Pink girl – “Blizzard”) again we were impressed with they way she let us get to know the pup. Our family had time to interact and to ensure the pup was correct for us... and us for it.  She structured the day when we came to pick the pup up like a meeting. We had our own time with her and the pup and again she was instrumental in providing additional information and direction re: Blizzard. She knows Malamutes!  Since coming home, “Blizzard” has been a wonderful welcome addition. She is a beautiful dog and I have been impressed at how intelligent the breed is. We have had a few follow up letters  from Stephanie as she makes sure her “Grand Pups” are doing well.  As my son commented, “this was the best Christmas gift ever! "  We would have no problem recommending Stephanie and her “Malls”. Infact, we have mentioned it to a number of families and when ready, I am sure will be in contact with Iron Horse Ranch.  Dealing with Stephanie & the Iron Horse Ranch was a positive experience!

Jen and Edward- Proud Owner's of "Sadie"

I have nothing but good things to say about Stephanie & Iron Pride Malamutes. We put a deposit on a puppy before she was born (which I know some people would be hesitant of doing) But we didn’t have to wait long to get an email from Steph letting us know she had 4 beautiful & healthy puppies. Now the long wait of 8 weeks until we could take our new family member home. Steph constantly sent us pictures and updates of how everyone was coming along. Once the puppies were 4 weeks old we could finally meet our new addition. Also, we were able to meet Steph and see what her kennel looked like.

We were amazed on how much work she does for these dogs (as well as horses). To take in these animals that have been disowned, get them back up to health & find the perfect new home for these dogs…its amazing! They really do whatever they can to save a life! 

Once the pups were 8 weeks old we could finally take our girl Sadie home. Before we took her home Steph went over some general care of our new pup. She also explained the non-breeding contract in detail, so we knew what was expected of us. Now all she asks is for updates and pictures every so often...which I don't mind at all. Also, she keeps me informed on how her kennel is doing and any planned breedings!

She has also been great with answering any questions we have had since our puppy has been home. Sadie is now 6 months old and a healthly and strong 65 pounds! She has beautiful markings and anywhere we go people ask about her.

Overall, we are extremely happy with Steph and her kennel we are already looking forward to adding another dog in the future!

Kate and Tom - Proud Owner's of "Blue"

We found Iron Pride Malamutes, just by chance, during a weak moment when we decided our life wasn’t complicated enough so let’s throw a puppy into the mix! We spoke with other kennels but it was an easy choice after speaking with Stephanie and hearing her passion about her dogs! She kept us updated on our BLUE and when the time came to pick him up we were welcomed into her clean, well run establishment and a litter of happy, well fed pups! Our experience with Iron Horse Ranch has been nothing but positive, with constant feedback from Stephanie with any of our concerns. Our Blue is gorgeous, with the features and disposition advertised. We love him and would HIGHLY recommend Iron Horse Ranch. In fact, should anyone wish to contact me personally feel free to do so as I am the Editor/Publisher of SnapClarington newspaper and would be more than happy to sing the praises of Blue’s beginnings!